Our mission is very simple...to offer a large selection of retail snacks and beverages that are usually only found in the USA to most places in Canada so all can enjoy a rare treat. It is our wish that anyone using our site will not only be satisfied but will maybe find a little bit of joy from what we offer.

Our History

Born in the USA Snacks was founded by in 2019, when we decided businesses should no longer need to operate their business at the mercy of other suppliers in order to provide for their loyal customers. With over 25 years of combined experience running stores, we always put our best foot forward by connecting with our market, our customers and learning what they truly want in order to provide for them.

Within 5 years, Born in the USA Snacks is now able to provide greater variety than ever! Our favorite part of the experience reflect our mission and core values of the company bringing nostalgia and joy to our customers whilst finding new challenges and processes that work effectively on a daily basis.

As Born in the USA Snacks continues to grow towards creating an even larger warehouse environment to supply the needs and wants of our loyal customers, we continue to instill the core values of Customer Service Focus, Integrity and Community Involvement into our organization. That is why it is so important to us to listen to what you, our loyal customer and fan base, have to say about the products & services we provide as well as suggestions for shaping our culture in the future... because at the end of the day each and every single one of YOU are our focus and our priority. We promise to never give up and continue to do our best for you and our community in meeting your needs, wants and expectations.

Our Story

Who We Are

Welcome! We are importers of exotic snacks and beverages. Our products originate in the U.S.A. and are quite often rare and hard to get in Canada. Simply put, we tend to carry many products other wholesalers do not. Please contact us if you wish to order by the case. All orders are on a prepaid basis. And we do deliver directly to your location. Email us at bornintheusasnacks@gmail.com to inquire. Follow these steps below if you wish to purchase from our company:

First, email us (above email) to open account with your business information including business license and sales tax #.

Second, request a product list be sent to your email address.

Ordering as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Email us with your order including shipping address.

2) Usually, in 24 hours or less you will be sent a final price, including a list of products not available at that time. (At this time make substitutions and/or delete products and wait for final price). 

3) Finally, arrange payment by etransfer or cash and wait for your delivery.